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Female Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility

An estimated 30-50% of American women suffer from sexual dysfunction at some point during their lives. Medical conditions such as hormone deficiency, menopause, aging, childbirth, diabetes, hypertension, hysterectomy or other pelvic surgery, and certain medications can contribute to sexual function and loss of libido.

Emotional and psychological factors including relationship conflicts, and stress, as well as issues that effect may impair self-esteem a woman's sexual drive and response.

Emotional, medical and physical needs of the female patient are discussed with her for a comprehensive approach when making treatment decisions and choosing therapies. The latest and most up-to-date treatments are discussed. These may include a variety of topical, oral and hormonal agents to enhance libido and sexual arousal, as well as education and counseling.

The evaluation involves a thorough history and physical examination and may involve blood tests. Follow up exams are scheduled for continuation of treatments and monitoring of progress.


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