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There are a number of ways to diagnose the various urologic cancers – varying from ultrasound and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to biopsy and cystoscopy. Treatment depends on the type of cancer as well as on the individual case.

Adrenal Cancer – Laparoscopic surgery is the most common treatment for adrenal cancer patients. This method is currently the least invasive and the most effective.
Bladder Cancer – Bladder cancer treatments vary, depending on the severity of the case. Some  patients may benefit from tumor removal using a cystoscope, though others may require removal of the bladder.
Kidney Cancer – (See renal cancer)
Prostate Cancer –There are a number of procedures used to treat prostate cancer patients. For more information, please see our pages on prostate cancer and da Vinci® Prostatectomy
Renal Cancer – Recent advances have allowed for a new surgical procedure for renal cancer patients that only requires the removal of the cancerous part of the kidney – instead of the entire kidney. This procedure is called partial nephrectomy.
Testicular Cancer – The most common treatment for testicular cancer, a cancer most often affecting men between the ages of 15 and 35, is removal of the affected testicle. Radiation and chemotherapy may be used as well.

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